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    WMA Smartmark™ Cable and Wire Marking

    Wiremarkers Smartmark™, the new economical, and simple solution to low cost, efficient plastic cable and wire marking systemThis system was designed and developed In Brisbane Australia.


    The SMART printer, specially designed and programmed in conjunction with the company's supplier, is fast, and reliable, having been extensively tested in the field.  The software used to print tags is Excel based.  Another simple yet efficient option.

    And to top it all, the extensive tag range is vastly less expensive than competitors.

    The plastic used has undergone extensive tests, both locally and abroad.  The raw material, which is ABS, is made by Samsung, extruded by Ampaglas, and tested by both the Smartmark AND the SABS to exacting standards.  Both UV stable and VO-UL94, this plastic is halogens free, impact resistant and suitable for printing upon.  The wire marking tags are made of PVC, which is VO-UL94, and made using Smartmark moulds in Shenzhen.

    And, both the ABS and PVC is specified and approved by a host of MAJOR Australian companies.  Including Vodafone, Optus, QCLNG, APLNG, ECM, Thiess, etc.

    Wiremarkers Smartmark Pty Ltd is a registered ASIC company.  WMA is the authorised distributor of WMSM plastic products.