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    Looking for Smart Series ID Printers? Wiremarkers Australia Delivers a Comprehensive Collection of ID Card Printers, Dual Sided Printers, Consumables, and More

    Security shapes the industrial world, with information tucked safely behind closed doors and digital locks. Retrieving it requires special permission and, of course, identification cards - which you must now print. Create a series of ID options for your fellow employees, connecting them to the access they need and the convenience you deserve.

    Searching for Smart Series ID Printers and products? Wiremarkers Australia delivers a series of single-sided, dual-sided, and even consumable options. Contact us today to learn more!

    Wiremarkers Australia: About Us

    Since 2010, Wiremarkers Australia has served as the premier provider of Smart Series products (including ID card printers and dual-sided card printers). Our experienced staff - all industry trained - understand the value of these options, and they’ll happily explain their many applications to you. Learn how this collection delivers efficiency to every environment.

    Wiremarkers Australia offers more than Smart Series information, though. We combine this superior product with equally superior service, bringing our clients personalised support, competitive pricing, and international shipping. We promise quality with every purchase.

    Smart Series ID Printers: Our Collection

    Wiremarkers Australia brings our customers the Smart Series. This collection - created by the IDP Corporation - provides effective options for every industrial and commercial environment. Consider:

    Single-Sided Printers

    Single-sided ID card printers connect each user to the results they need. These options blend innovative technologies (including thermal printer heads, Ethernet compatibility, and the series’ signature Smart Design software) with plug-and-play designs. They’re easy to use and generate high-speed results.

    Dual-Sided Card Printers

    Dual-sided printers offer plug-and-play convenience with dynamic responses (expect 100 card output hoppers, 5-second colour speeds, and more). Lamination technology is also available to promote long-lasting data protection.


    The Smart Series offers more than printers. It connects customers to a wide range of consumable products as well, including: laminator heads, PVC cards (including magnetic strip and rewritable options), encoders, input hoppers, output hoppers, and card flippers. Use each of these to improve the ID process.

    Let Wiremarkers Australia provide you with the best in Smart systems.

    Our Speed Promise

    Time is money. So why would you waste precious hours waiting for single-sided or dual-sided card printers to arrive? Wiremarkers Australia recognises the need for urgency. This is why we offer our clients both national and international freight options, as well as same-day stocked item shipping. Our team quickly responds to all queries, pulling the best Smart series products from the shelves and then sending them to you. We emphasise high performance and high speed.

    Searching for ID Card Printers, Dual-Sided Printers, and More? Contact Wiremarkers Australia.

    Wiremarkers Australia boasts a wide range of Smart Series ID printers. Let us help you find the right options for your industry needs. To start shopping contact one of our helpful team members today: by phone (07-3393-9313) or by email ( We’ll respond to you directly.

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