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    Wiremarkers Australia, The Country’s Leading Cable Labelling Suppliers Have Markers And Labels For Sale

    Wiremarkers Australia is the country’s premier cable labelling company, providing a full range of long lasting labels and cable markers to a variety of industries. The company specialises in fasteners and tags for cables. Having cable that is marked helps companies when they need to move within their own building or move to a new location. Wiremarkers Australia offers a wide range of products for wide variety of uses.

    The Go-To Company For Cable Labelling In Australia

    Wiremarkers Australia serves all of Australasia and offers free shipping in Australia on all order over $100. The company makes it easy for the identification of cable with a variety of labels. The labels can be made of stainless steel, which will help prevent corrosion over time. Ties come in grades 304 and 316, while cable markers come in grade 316. All of Wiremarkers Australia labels are built to last and made for all conditions. Employees will be able to safely recognise wires and cables.

    As cable labelling suppliers, Wiremarkers Australia provides automated and manual systems to many different industries. The company currently serves industries such as petrochemicals, mining, electrical, data, and telecommunications. No matter the industry, Wiremarkers Australia has a large variety of labels, to meet any company’s needs. Ordering is convenient and can be done through the Wiremarkers Australia website,

    Why Choose Wiremarkers Australia?

    Wiremarkers Australia has become one of the leading suppliers of cable labelling in the entire Pacific region by offering a wide range of products. The company specialises in wire and cable identification solutions and has a large catalogue full of cable labelling for sale. Customers can choose to have labels custom made to fit their needs. Wiremarkers Australia provides the printers to make all of the necessary tags. All of the labelling solutions that the company offers meet most international specifications and are constructed of stainless steel, ABS, PVC, polycarbonate or Rowmark layout ABS.

    In working with Wiremarkers Australia, customers receive a commitment to excellent products and excellent service. That includes the company’s guarantee on all products. All products for sale from the company have been tested and meet or exceed international specifications. Customers cannot go wrong with Wiremarkers Australia’s money back guarantee.

    All orders in Australia that are over $100 can be shipped for free. Wiremarkers Australia will normally ship products within one day of their being ordered. Stock items will be shipped quicker than those needing to be printed. Printed orders usually ship within 48 hours. Still, customers’ orders are filled very quickly. With offices in Perth and Brisbane, Wiremarkers Australia can easily reach out to its customers on either coast.

    Customers can take advantage of the fully trained and professional staff. The team at Wiremarkers Australia has years of industry knowledge. Customers can also take advantage of the company’s website,, which has up-to-date information about products in stock. Orders can be placed by sending an email to and providing the necessary information to complete the order.

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