Smartmark Ethyl Alcohol Disinfectant and Cleaner 100ml x 10 bottles

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Size 100ml spray bottle 10 pack

75% ethyl alcohol

Other ingredient    25% pure water
Evaporation point   14c
Use Cleaning and disinfecting most surfaces.  See below
Colour Clear
Other uses Due to high level of ethyl alcohol, perfect to disinfect against COVID 19
Specification Google search for rubbing compounds using 75% ethyl alcohol
Box size 10 x 100ml bottles per pack
MSDS See below


75% Ethyl Alcohol disinfectant/cleanser, or Rubbing Alcohol, is a clear colourless liquid made from natural biomass extraction processes. According to specifications, the boiling point is 78.3 °C, and the flashpoint is 14 °C.  The Wiremarkers Smartmark ethanol product is a >=75% ethanol mixture due to the addition of purified water.  The product is NOT meant to be consumed by humans.

The product can be used as a disinfectant, to sterilise medical equipment, to clean windows, to sterilise door handles and bannisters, wipe toilet seats and sinks, etc.  It is especially useful in strict office and retail store environments where touched surfaces need quick and constant disinfecting.  It is known to be effective against the Corona family of viruses on surfaces.  Currently mostly referred to as COVID 19.

Due to the addition of water, the very quick evaporation rate is delayed, making it an excellent hand sanitiser, which not only disinfects, but kills bacteria.  The water ensures a longer surface time, killing more germs.