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    We serve the entire Australasian region, offering you the full range of effective, long lasting labels and cable markers, all available directly from our warehouses in Brisbane and Perth

    Wiremarkers Australia specialises in tags, equipment labels, and cable and wire markers. We also have a huge range of stainless cable ties and strapping, for all your fastening requirements. Tags, labels and ties can be obtained in Stainless Steel grade 316 , and our strapping in 304. Our Wiremarkers and labels also come in plastic, all highly specified, and internationally approved. We have a vast variety of sizes for tags and markers, as well as ties, simply check our product pages! Or call us for friendly advice!

    Not only do we have automated marking systems, we also have manual systems for wire ferrules and for cables.

    All our products are available from our Perth and Brisbane warehouses, or simply order over the net and use our overnight FREE delivery service (orders over $100)!


    Wiremarkers Australia Are Your Premier Cable Labelling Company

    We serve the entire Australasian region, offering you an extensive range of effective, long-lasting labels and cable markers, most off the shelf from our warehouses in Brisbane and Perth. Wiremarkers Australia specialises in tags and fasteners for cables, allowing you quick and easy identification of all your company's cables.

    Our stainless range of tags and labels have all been developed locally with emphasis on what the market needs. Every range of label, every cable tag and every tie have been tested for quality as to material as well strength, by ALS Global in Brisbane. We continue to develop and make labels and tags to meet customer demands, then test them relentlessly.

    Our product pricing in almost EVERY case beats the competition. We are never complacent, we need to bring lower costs to the customer!

    With the high quality of our products, and excellent pricing, also comes excellent service and turnaround. But that you have to experience firsthand! We can supply customer testimonials, but best you find out for yourself! And we despatch within 24 hours, if not the same day! With our close relationship with our delivery partners, we can almost guarantee on time deliveries!

    We currently serve industrial, petrochemical, mining, electrical, instrumentation, data, and telecoms industries throughout Australasia. Our products meet, or exceed, every specification demanded by these demanding industries.

    Our own in house printing service offers an easy turnkey solution to your needs, with amazing turnaround times. Again, 24 hour despatch, guaranteed quality, friendly service! Our plastic is permanently marked using special inks, and our stainless printing service is on our special YAG and fibre lasers. These markings are permanent, and specifically specified by our customers!

    Our range of cable ties in 316 is huge, and we also offer colour coated ties. Our recently launched strapping products has been approved by Energex, at prices that leave the well known brands gasping.

    A Variety of Labels for a Wide Array of Uses

    Not only do we have automated marking systems, we also have manual systems for wire ferrules and for cables. No matter what your industry, we have a huge variety of labels to fit your needs. No matter where you need cable markers in Australia, all our products are available from our Perth and Brisbane offices, or simply order over the net. Our labels are guaranteed to last, no matter how many times you have to move your equipment or modify your wiring. We understand that a cable label can mean the difference between rearranging computer terminals or other harnessing quickly and easily or spending hours trying to rig everything back up. From the highly popular Smartmark line of labels to terminal block tags, sleeveless tags, and even larger size labels, we can provide you with a huge array of items that even include printing services and tagging systems.

    Our Labels Are Guaranteed

    Perhaps you have tried making your own labels for identifying cords, wires, terminal blocks and other wiring, only to find that the cable label fell off one or more wires, making it difficult to tell which one ran to which terminal. When you choose labels and tags from Wiremarkers Australia, our products are guaranteed, long-lasting, and easy to assemble with our line of printing supplies. We will even print and assemble your labels and tags for you, and we also have a line of rugged stainless steel products that we can custom engrave for any kind of identification purpose. A stainless steel or Smartmark label will last for years as opposed to a gummed cable label or other kind of temporary marking system, and all of our products have been tested to international standards. We stand behind all of our labels and tagging solutions, and our customer service centre is available to answer all of your questions about ordering and delivery.

    The Advantages of a Professional Labelling Service

    A variety of industries have already chosen Wiremarkers Australia for all of their Smartmark and other labels, tagging or identification systems and are already reaping the benefits. Choosing our professional services for all of your labelling needs has a number of advantages, such as affordability, custom-printed labels for your business, and having a labelling system in place at your company that's easy to read. Why go with inferior methods of tagging when you can choose from our wide variety of affordable identification solutions? Even our engraving services are available at competitive prices. When you custom order your labels, you will have the advantage of a system that allows all of your employees to quickly identify any wire or cable on the premises. If you prefer to print your own custom labels on site, we have Brady products available for purchase, such as mini-printers and tags that are suitable for wire marking. Any cable label that we create will be easy to read, and we even offer larger tags for cables that have a thicker diameter.

    Whether you need a complete labelling system or even custom-made stainless steel tags and labels, call us today at (07) 3393 9313 or order directly at We're standing by to fulfil all of your company's labelling and cable identification needs, large or small.


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