Cable Management Solutions for the Energy Industry

Cable Management Solutions for the Energy Industry

Wiremarkers® Australia offers a range of cable management, fastening, signage, and labelling solutions making it a popular choice for Australia’s solar farms and renewable energy sector. 

From its innovative 4 wire Smart stainless steel solar clips to UV stable labelling, to long-lasting cable ties and signs, Wiremarkers® Australia has the needs of the industry covered. ISO9001 accreditation gives customers peace of mind that they’re getting high-quality products, and an Australian workshop means delivery is fast and simple.

30+ year guarantee

It’s often essential that components and labels will last the asset's lifetime. If these components won’t outlast the asset, it’s vital to rely on their quality and expected life to plan maintenance and avoid asset damage and outages. 

Wiremarkers® Australia has several products guaranteed to last more than 30 years. These include stainless cable ties, solar clips, signs and UV block labels. Popular brands they represent include MAX, SmartMark, Smart Clips and Smart Cable Ties.

What the solar industry needs

Wiremarkers® have solved some of the problems faced by the solar industry by innovating solar clips and putting many features into their patented 4 wire Smart Clips. These clips have a curved edge to prevent damage to cables, a wider base to ensure a stronger hold and are made to last from 304 stainless steel. They’ve also tested to be 37 per cent faster to use than standard cable ties. 

The Wiremarkers® Australia team can put together a full cable management solution for your project that will withstand the harsh Australian weather conditions, including custom Smart Hanger Clips and innovative methods to manage cable all over the site. Now supporting more than 75 Australian solar farms, with a combined output of more than 10.2GW of power, Wiremarkers® Australia knows exactly what the industry needs. 

Supporting the broader energy industry

Along with supporting the solar industry on a broad scale, Wiremarkers® Australia products are also used in hydroelectric power stations, wind farms and a range of industries that need quality cable solutions, reliable wire marking, signage, and labels that stand the test of time. 

Popular solutions include stainless cable ties, stainless cable markers, bespoke SmartLaze Traffolyte engraved plate labels and their range of on-site portable printers including the MAX Bepop and the LM Letatwin

For more information about the range of solutions Wiremarkers® Australia offers the energy sector, view the range online or get in touch with the team.