Solar Clips

Our stainless steel solar clips are specifically designed for use in the outdoor solar panel industry.  Made from GRADE 304 stainless steel, they have exceptionally long life expectancy meaning you're investing in a quality cable and wire solution.  We in fact guarantee our stainless solar clips, solar tag clips, solar stainless tags and stainless ties for 40 (FORTY) years plus!

2 wire stainless steel solar clips and new 4 wire clip options with curved edge

We are now offering a design REGISTERED new 4 wire stainless steel solar clip with a curved edge to protect cables. Our new 304 stainless steel solar clips our still made to our strict quality standards and are designed to last through years of tough, Australian weather conditions.

Speak to the stainless steel solar clip solution experts

Whether you need specific stainless steel solar tags for our solar clips or a full stainless solution, we have a huge range of stainless cable markers to go with our solar clips to suit your project. Durable and long lasting, we can put together a cable marking solution for your business. Our team understands you need a reliable, robust cable marking solution that's made to last. Watch our video testimonials to see our stainless tags in application.


We are proud to state we have a very comprehensive stock level of stainless steel solar clips in Australia.  Put us to the test!


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