Achieve Better Industrial Organisation with Cable Marking Systems

The more organised a company is, the more efficient their daily workings will be. Organisation contributes to increased productivity, safety, and overall employee satisfaction, which in turn generates a higher profit for the company. When you use a cable labelling system from Wiremarkers Australia, your company's processes will become more streamlined and you will be able to quickly identify all of your cables, wires, and terminal blocks at a glance. We also offer cable ties in Perth, at our Prindiville Drive location, along with a huge array of tags, labelling supplies, and other marking supplies.

Cable Ties for Increased Organisation

While labelling and cable marking systems are important to the overall organisation of any company, cable ties also play an important part as well. Companies that require the use of bundles of wires and cables, such as data, technical, mining, and telecommunication businesses, face a variety of challenges when it comes to keeping these items organised. In many cases, they can become tangled; when this happens and there are a dozen or more cables that run to the same terminal block or other main terminal, keeping them separate seems impossible. Untangling these cables or trying to rewire them in order to twist them free may result in a cable touching the wrong terminal, which can produce a shock or even electrocution if the voltage is high enough. Using a cable marker for each cable and cable ties for bundling the proper cables together will contribute to organisation and overall safety. Cable identification tags purchased from our Perth offices will also allow your employees to quickly access any cable in case of an emergency.

Identification Tags Increase Efficiency

As technology changes, your company must keep pace with those changes. When you purchase tags, a labelling system, and other marking supplies from our Perth location, you will be able to not only organise your wiring and cables, but you will be able to quickly switch out or move your terminals and other equipment more quickly and efficiently. With rapid changes in technology, you must often swap out different pieces of equipment, but if your cables lack the proper identification, it will take much longer to get everything back into place. An easy-to-read cable marker will ensure that no matter how many cables are attached to one terminal, each one can easily be identified and plugged back into its proper place. This will avoid confusion and wasted time when machinery has to be moved from building to building or a rewiring has to take place in order to put in a new terminal.

Organised Systems Save Time and Money

Companies that work with a great deal of technology but have poor organisation and an inferior identification system often lose time and money. A lack of cable ties and systems that have no labelling can cause tangled wires and kinked cable. When wires get twisted and kinked, they will often stop working or malfunction. This can cause one or more systems to fail, which means calling in tech support and possible hours of downtime as the system is fixed. Our Perth office has a wide selection of cable ties that will keep all of your cables in proper working condition. The less often that you have to replace a cable because of a kink or a tangle, the more money you will save. In addition, when old cables or terminals must be replaced, having a marker on each will allow your techs to replace them safely and quickly, which means less money and production time lost.

Long-Lasting Products Are Our Guarantee

Our cable marking systems are easy to order. When you call our office at 07 3393 9313, we can help you decide which kinds of identification systems will best suit your company. No matter its size, we can offer cable identification tags, labelling, cable ties, and many other labelling supplies to streamline your cable, wiring, and harnessing systems. Our Perth office has convenient hours or you can log onto our website and order directly at When you invest in organisation with Wiremarkers Australia, your company will save time, money, and all the frustration that can occur with an inferior cable identification system.