Our Team at Wiremarkers Australia


General Manager

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Jarryd has been shaping Wiremarkers Australia for over 3 years and worked in Wiremarkers Africa over 12 years ago on his first job as Warehouse Controller. Everything he does is devoted to our employees and customers experience.

Jarryd has an Honours Degree in Management Sciences and has been part of the Identification and Technology Industries his whole career. He is also very extroverted and obsessed with proper solutions. He has helped make Wiremarkers Australia an effective, efficient, and extremely well-regarded business, and the team, and customers, look to him for his expertise and guidance.

His interests include: Sports, Camping, His Dog, Socialising with friends and BBQ-ing


National Sales Manager

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Craig has been with Wiremarkers Australia for over 5 years and is extremely well versed in the identification and technology industries. His understanding of our Printing Solutions is unrivalled, and he has a passion for assisting customers.

Craig has a Bachelors Degree in Sciences and Technology and has been in the industry for over 7 years. He is extremely extroverted and makes it his mission to have an in depth understanding of the challenges that all our customers face. Craig has helped drive the company forward and makes it his mission to find the best solution for each and every customer. Craig is fantastic to deal with and customers frequently ask him for advice.

His interests include: Sports, Sports and more Sports


Sales Manager Queensland

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Shaunie is a major part of Wiremarkers Australia’s growth over the past 3 years and has an extensive knowledge of our products, our values and who we are as a business.

She has over 10 years Customer Service experience and knows exactly what our customers need and uses her industry knowledge extremely well for direct application. She is very outgoing and extroverted and is awesome to deal with. She has helped Wiremarkers Australia in every department of the business and is a great person whom customers, and our team, look to for guidance.

Her interests include: Camping, Adventures and Gym


Internal Sales Administrator

Kaysie is new to Wiremarkers Australia with a very focused mindset. She loves to develop and understand our processes and is adamant about service.

She has a Diploma in Counselling which allows her to understand any customer intricately, adding tremendous value to Wiremarkers Australia & our customers because she always puts herself in your shoes and does her best to find proper solutions.

Her interests include: Reading, Drawing, Computers and the Study of Human Behaviour


Internal Sales Administrator

Rhiannon is new to Wiremarkers Australia and has great sales and customer facing experience. She thoroughly enjoys dealing with people and making sure they are well looked after.

She has multiple Certifications focused on customer experiences and brings those skills and know how directly to our customers. She is great in all areas of customer management and of extreme importance to Wiremarkers Australia. She is always at ease and professional with anyone that enters our offices or calls us for assistance.

Her interests include: Cooking and spending time with animals


Production Manager

Shaun started as an intern in Wiremarkers Australia over 3 years ago and has been on the front lines of our Production Line from the get-go. He is focused heavily on quality and time management.

He has over 4 years’ experience in our diverse industries and has full qualifications on all our printers. Shaun has been key to the running of Wiremarkers Australia operations, and he is always finding new ways to operate our many Lasers and Printers. Shaun is very outgoing and always makes sure that customers are completely satisfied with our products.

His interests include: NRL, Poker, Gaming, Family and Supercars


Production Assistant

Toks is an extremely hard worker and has been with Wiremarkers Australia for over a year. She applies her understanding of our Products and Printers to ensure that only the best leaves our Warehouse.

She is a quiet person with an amazing focus on the task at hand. Toks always gives her best in any area she performs and never is satisfied with inferior solutions. She loves to learn new things and is never down. She smiles often lighting up our team’s attitude and demeanour every day and is of great importance to Wiremarkers Australia.

Her interests include: Arts & Crafts, Culinary, Baking and Cake Decorating


Production Assistant

Noreen is a strong link in Wiremarkers Australia’s production team and has Project Management experience, which allows her to understand our products and what our customers need on site.

She has been with Wiremarkers Australia for over a year and pays extreme attention to detail, and ensures that any stock that goes out is of the best quality. Noreen often makes jokes and is great with our Bepop, LM and SmartMark Systems. She is also passionate about learning and improving our production methods.

Her interests include: Reading, Cycling, Dragon Boat Rowing and Yoga