"Traffolyte" Engraved Plate Labels Printing

High quality "Traffolyte" Engraved Plate signs and labels made/printed to your specifications

Do you need impactful and robust plastic signage? "Traffolyte"/engraved plate is a sturdy, multi layer phenolic plastic laminate label perfect for engraving. Use the Wiremarkers "Traffolyte" engraved label printing service for high quality engraved labels and "Traffolyte" signage. We have a huge range of colour combinations and sizes to suit your project. We guarantee our Engraved Plate labels and signage for 10 years.

Why choose Wiremarkers for Engraved Plate labels, tags and signs?

Our team specialises in asset, panel, terminal block, contactor, relay, wire and cable identification solutions. We have worked with a vast array of industries, from telecommunications through to aerospace. We also have experience working with mining, oil, manufacturing and healthcare clients. Check out our testimonials to see our labels in action!

Simply contact us online with your requirements to us and we will send a quote or call us today on (07) 3393 9313 to discuss your project.

From our happy clients

"If you need markers/labels, you should talk to Wiremarkers. Great service. Great attitude. Knowledgeable sales staff. Enough said." — OP DIVISION MAX

"Always meet our deadlines with these guys." — Bob T

"Ordered tags yesterday received the tags this morning just brilliant service, Now that I know where I can get great tags and great service I know where I will be coming back to for my future projects." — Robert Dwyer