SmartClip™ Tag clips to hold SS tag onto cable SS 304

Wiremarkers Australia have AGAIN taken the lead in efficient and proficient mounting of tags onto cable.  A new clip specifically designed for Wiremarkers Australia SS tags has been designed in Australia by the Wiremarkers Australia team, to make mounting tags on cables a quick and efficient process.  The clip will save thousands in labour costs, as well as offer other amazing onsite spin offs.  No more OHS issues with sharp cable tie edges, no picking up of cable tie bits on the ground, and lower fastening product costs.  Calculated savings of up to 90% of current mounting costs, including labour cost.

The product range covers cables with OD of 6mm, 10mm and 16mm.  All the most common sizes on soler sites, with an additional clip to cover both 6 and 10mm cable OD.

To protect these innovative new products, design patents have been lodged.