How A Label Printing System Can Create A Safer Environment For Your Employees

Many accidents that occur at technical, mining, electrical, and other companies that have a great deal of wiring and harnessing are caused by improper or inferior wire and cable labelling systems. These accidents often include electrical burns and shocks and can cost companies thousands of dollars in workers' compensation claims. However, these accidents can be prevented with label printing, and Wiremarkers Australia can provide your company with label makers, labels, printers and other wire and cable marking systems that will raise efficiency in your business while keeping your employees safe at the same time.

Superior Labelling with High Quality Printers for Superior Safety

Buying a label printer or a label maker from Wiremarkers Australia or ordering custom printing and engraving services for your company will increase employee safety in a number of ways. Our Brady printers and supplies will allow you to customise a number of label styles, or you can order pre-printed labels, sleeves, and other items for quick and easy identification of all your company's wires and cables. When these items aren't properly labelled and heavy-duty machinery must be moved and rewired, employees can be gravely injured if they hook up the wrong wires to the wrong terminal. They can be electrocuted, burned, or get a shock that can cause long-term nerve or muscle damage.

When you purchase a label maker or label printing services from us, you can ensure that all of your wires and cables are properly labelled in a way that will prevent these accidents. Our printers and label supplies are affordable for any company, and we have several locations to serve you with fast and efficient delivery so that you can start protecting your employees that much sooner. Investing in a label printer or label maker is a decision you won’t regret.

Label Printing and Cable Ties Prevent Falls

Our label maker and printing supplies will allow you to generate a cable and wire identification system that will prevent other accidents, such as trips and falls. When your operation's wires and cables have labels that are easy to read and that are properly placed, they won't have to be laid out on the floor in order to identify which cable runs to which terminal. When cables are stretched across walkways and corridors where people walk, the chances of them suffering a trip or fall injury are greatly increased. With a label maker and printers from Wiremarkers Australia, you can label all of your cables and wires in a way that makes them easy to identify, even when they are tied up off the floor. We also have a number of cable ties in stock so that you can tie up your cables neatly and reduce the chances of tripping or bad falls.

Custom Orders

It's easy to custom order your printers, labels, and other label maker supplies directly from our website, but if you want even faster service, send us your specifications at and we will create and ship your order quickly. We even offer free shipping if you spend more than $100.00, and with such a huge array of label printing supplies and other identification markers, you can save money and lower the chances of injury at your company at the same time. Wiremarkers Australia: Maker of high quality labelling and identification solutions.