Desktop Thermal Transfer Printers for COVID Safety

Desktop Thermal Transfer Printers for COVID Safety

As rules and restrictions around Australia change rapidly in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses need to react quickly with clear communication to staff, customers and visitors to their workplace.

Signs highlighting safe work procedures such as social distancing measures, have never been more important, and are required to comply with WorkSafe plans.

Thermal transfer printers have become a staple in many workplaces in their quest to quickly create high-quality signs and labels. These printers work by melting a plastic epoxy onto vinyl or other bases to create professional, colourful and durable adhesive labels. (Thermal transfer printers are not to be confused with standard thermal printers that work by heating areas of chemically treated heat-sensitive paper, often used for receipts.)

MAX Bepop PrinterMAX Printers are market leaders in thermal transfer printers and have two desktop models available in Australia. These printers, available exclusively from Wiremarkers Australia, have the capacity to print over 16 000 different colour variations using CMYK ribbons. They print in 400 DPI resolution at 25mm per second, with a 125mm per second cut speed. The desktop printers use a USB connection, have ethernet ports, and use a normal plug socket for power. They come with thousands of premade templates, plus the ability to upload and print your own designs. 

Benefits of desktop thermal transfer printers in 2020

Wiremarkers Australia recognised the important role a printer like this would have for businesses in the current climate. In response to workplace needs, they released a set of COVID-19 compliant designs to save time for busy business owners. These free designs are available to all MAX Bepop printer users. 

These printers have proven to be an asset in ever-changing workplaces for numerous reasons including;

Near-instant production

Whether it’s a government regulation to display a certain message or just something that will make the workplace safer, more efficient or better, desktop thermal printers allow for immediate printing of labels. The MAX Bepop printers have a print speed of 25mm per second.

Fully customisable

While the MAX Bepop printers come with many common label templates (including new designs for COVID-19), businesses can also upload their own designs, ensuring they get exactly what is needed. 

Minimal handling of labels

By printing labels on-site, unnecessary handling of the labels is eliminated. This is particularly important as the nation tries to stem the spread of coronavirus.

What you need, when you need it

As governments around Australia implement new workplace requirements in response to the current crisis, the ability to comply quickly is vital. WorkSafe plans are an important part of allowing businesses to continue running, and these include communicating safety messages with those attending their premises.

Messages to be shared might include instructions or requirements, such as the handwashing procedure, but they may also deliver peace of mind to visitors by highlighting an action taken, such as a recent deep-clean of the area.

Communication has never been more important, but a desktop thermal transfer printer makes sharing messages a little bit easier.

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