How counterfeit products are damaging multiple industries

How counterfeit products are damaging multiple industries

In 2022, authorities destroyed millions of dollars worth of counterfeit and illegally traded goods, but many more items still reached unsuspecting consumers. Almost all industries are impacted by the roaring counterfeit trade, and the signage and labelling industry is no exception.

MAX printers and consumables, sold exclusively in Australia and New Zealand by Wiremarkers® Australia, are quality tested and of the highest standard. Cheaper, lower-quality imitations regularly hit the Australian market, costing customers time and money when they don’t last as expected. Wiremarkers Australia General Manager, Jarryd Crampton, explains the quality assurance process behind their products. 

“We’ve always believed in providing the highest quality products and service. I despise seeing businesses effectively ripped off and tricked into buying inferior products claiming they meet our consumables and material standards when they clearly do not. Our red and yellow GN vinyl has officially been IEC Specified, and UV tested beyond 1000 hours. It’s suitable for all telco and NBN applications. 

“We’re ISO 9001 accredited and work hard to ensure our products remain top quality. When companies use counterfeit vinyl with the MAX Bepop, for example, the results fail to meet their industry standard. I’ve seen warning labels fade within a year, whereas ours have been tested to last more than 10 years, and more than 30 years with our UV Block Overlays,” said Jarryd.

While counterfeit products are regularly destroyed in Australia and offshore, the law is slow-moving, and it often takes time for them to be removed from the market. This gives unscrupulous operators plenty of opportunity to take advantage of unsuspecting customers. 

“It’s frustrating for us to see counterfeit products on the market because we know anyone who buys them will need to replace their signage in the near future. We’ll continue to report and take action against companies that breach our IP, but unfortunately, we know they’ll probably continue to pop up under a different name.

“We’re the only supplier who tests to the standards we do, so we regularly have customers coming to us after they’ve been burned by these fake products. They then have to re-do all their signage and work with labels that will actually last and meet their industry requirements. This costs our valued customers mounds of labour and re-work costs!” said Jarryd.

Genuine MAX labels and signs have been specified for use by Optus, Vodafone, NBN, and multiple other telecommunications companies. Get in touch with the Wiremarkers® Australia team to discuss your needs. 

Customers who have purchased counterfeit goods can lodge a report with the ACCC.