Introducing SmartClips by Wiremarkers® Australia: an innovative solution for attaching tags to cables

Introducing SmartClips by Wiremarkers® Australia: an innovative solution for attaching tags to cables

Once again, Wiremarkers® Australia is at the forefront of innovation with the launch of SmartClips, a solution for attaching tags to cables. Wiremarkers Australia is one of the most renowned manufacturers and printers of stainless steel cable markers, labels and tags in Australasia. The traditional method of attaching these top-class markers to cables has been through the extensive use of cable ties, in Grade 316 or 304.

As all installers are well aware, cable ties are not cheap. They require tools, labour and a satisfactory method of cutting the cinched tie to avoid creating an occupational health and safety hazard. Loading one tag, as measured by multiple customers using two ties, one tag, and a suitable tool, takes 60 seconds or more. It might be marginally faster for quick installers.

However, cable ties are not the real solution to this industry time waster. A new method was called for, and that’s where Wiremarkers Australia comes in!

We have invented and patented (patent pending and lodged) a remarkable new method of attaching tags to cables. This involves a clip made from stainless grade 304 (316 available on request). The clip is designed to attach onto the cable, with a separate section closing inwards. This section has two clips precisely fitted to accommodate Wiremarkers Australia’s made-to-order stainless 316 cable tags, securely holding the tag in place on the cable!

These tags are inherently different to most tags available off the shelf, but can still be attached to all cable ties. The clips are designed and manufactured in such a way that they seamlessly fit into the Wiremarkers Australia tag slots, expand outwards, and securely hold the WMA tag in place. Time measurements indicate that attaching one tag takes as little as 5 seconds — a saving of up to 50 seconds! And the best part? No tools, no sharp edges, no tags falling off, no random bits of sharp cable tie on the ground, and no occupational health and safety issues or wasted time picking up stainless tie ends from the ground.

Initially, the clips have been made in four sizes. One clip is designed for cables with an outer diameter (OD) of 4-6mm, another for 8-12mm, another for 4-12mm, and another for 14-18mm. These clips have undergone extensive testing by Wiremarkers® Australia!

Just imagine the time savings on a site requiring the installation of 100 000 tags, such as a solar site. Using cable ties would take over 1600 hours (at 60 seconds per tag). However, with our clips, this time can be reduced by 90% to only 160 hours. At a standard rate of $50 per hour, the cable tie system will cost a site $80 000. The Wiremarkers® Australia clip solution results in a saving in labour of 90% of that number, which is over $72 000! That’s a significant saving!

And when it comes to the cost of the clip compared to two cable ties, cable ties typically cost at least 30 cents for both ties in Grade 316. However, all our clips are priced below 30 cents. Cable ties are inevitably longer, even though the length actually used could be lower. Therefore, the costs of cable ties could be much higher!

Clearly, the innovative clip from Wiremarkers® Australia is a time and cost saver, making it a no-brainer choice for the industry.

The innovative ideas don’t end there. Let’s also consider how Wiremarkers Australia presents the tags. All tags are mounted on rolls with a quick-release, firm and reusable adhesive. Tags can be removed and, if needed, replaced on the adhesive rolls. Furthermore, tags and labels are arranged into sequences and batches suitable for each customer and their site requirements. No longer will a dropped tag, or tags, cause chaos in the sequence, wasting time trying to put them back in order. Wiremarkers® Australia has cleverly and innovatively found a solution to site issues.

The combination of the clip solution for tags and our tag and label presentation will save thousands of dollars on site installations. Not only are our clip solutions and tag costs 25% to 40% lower than what you can find in the market using conventional methods, but the time and labour savings, along with the immaculate presentation, further contribute to significant cost reductions. We estimate that you can save over 90% of your current costs, including the labour element. It’s time to rethink your current systems and suppliers!

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As usual, our products are guaranteed to work and have a 40 year design life!