Outsourced vs On-Site Printed Cable Markers

Outsourced vs On-Site Printed Cable Markers

It often surprises people that the high-quality, custom-made plastic cable markers, ferrules and vinyl signs that leave the Wiremarkers Australia warehouse can also be made on-site. In fact, these tags and labels are created using the same portable printers sold exclusively by Wiremarkers Australia.

Having the option to outsource the creation of wire and cable markers, or doing it all on-site, means that each customer can get the service that best suits their needs. Wiremarkers Australia General Manager, Jarryd Crampton, explains how customers can take advantage of the flexibility offered by Wiremarkers.

“When clients need a large volume of markers, they often opt to save time and human resources by having us create and organise them. By also having their own printer on-site, they can instantly print any additional tags needed if plans change. When customers realise how convenient it is to have that backup, it’s a game-changer for them.”

The two portable printers having such an impact on-site are the MAX Bepop CPM100 printer, which makes vinyl signs and labels, and the MAX LM-550A printer used for making ferrules, heatshrink & tags in a range of sizes.

When longevity matters

In more corrosive conditions and for external use, stainless steel tags may be required or recommended. These suit situations when tags need to be UV stabilised for long periods of time. All stainless steel cable markers, plates and tags can be custom made by the Wiremarkers team using hi-tech laser cutting machines. 

These labels are created from start to finish in-house in the Brisbane workshop of Wiremarkers Australia. The single location creation process keeps costs down for customers, and ensures the order is delivered quickly. Jarryd says having the steel cutting machines in their workshop enables them to make a wide range of signage and labels for different industries. 

“Along with creating stainless steel wire markers, the laser cutting machines we have can create stainless plates in all sizes. This is great for our customers who need custom-made external signage and labels that will last, such as capacity indicators, danger underground cables signs and emergency numbers,” said Jarryd. 

Expert advice

While known for supplying high-quality products, Wiremarkers staff also pride themselves on providing exceptional customer service and industry knowledge. The team can offer advice about whether a particular job is best suited to on-site or custom-made markers, or a combination of both.

They’re well-versed in the specifications that apply to a range of industries including mining, telecommunications, defence and general construction, so are able to guide customers towards the best option.

For more information about your choices when it comes to tags, labels and markers, get in touch with the Wiremarkers Australia team.