Saving Time for Renewable Energy Providers

Saving Time for Renewable Energy Providers

Wiremarkers® Australia continues to support the renewable energy industry with new cable management innovations. Its range of products designed specifically with this sector in mind save time, money and hassle in constructing and running solar, wind and hydroelectric farms. 

Renewable energy is something that sits close to the heart of the team at Wiremarkers Australia. With a passion for a cleaner and greener future, they have long been motivated to do all they can to support this industry. 

The development team at Wiremarkers Australia work with their clients to deliver the best solutions. On a recent project, Wiremarkers Australia Project & Procurement Director, Jarryd Crampton, worked with the site owner, developer, and EPC contractor of the New England Solar Farm to see Stage 1 completed in record time. 

“We’ve developed several products with the renewable energy sector in mind, so by working with the asset owners and construction team, we can suggest solutions that get the job done with minimal fuss,” said Jarryd.

“We stay on top of specifications and requirements for the industries we serve, ensuring our products remain the most effective. One example of this is how we’ve recently designed our 6 – 8 Wire 90 Degree Smart Solar Panel Clip to better suit the large build-up of cables that need to be managed across the back of the panels. These clips have a lock-in-place mechanism, an extremely strong hold, and a lifespan of more than 40 years, which is exactly what the industry needs,” said Jarryd. 

The clips are made from grade 304 stainless steel, and the broader base means a firm hold to reduce friction and cable damage. This strong hold also means they don’t need to be replaced like inferior clips do when they inevitably fail. 

Wiremarkers Smart Solar Panel Clips save 30 to 40 per cent on installation time compared to other install methods. Given how many are typically used during the construction of a solar farm, this is a considerable time and money saving. 

Committing to understanding the needs of their customers has ensured that Wiremarkers® Australia can deliver the best products. Another time-saving product is the new 75mm x 7mm Smart Solar Tag that is verified and specified for use with Smart Tag Solar Clips. This market leader has an easy-to-use design that takes only five seconds to install a tag. This solution allows for tool-free installation. The simple installation, coupled with a continuous roll sorting method – with a remove and place back on tag system that eliminates the need for on-site sorting – saves upwards of 2000% on cable tag install time.

Jarryd says the team continually improves what is on offer to the industry, and will continue to work with customers to deliver solutions above and beyond what competitors offer. 

“Wiremarkers® has always been about innovation and providing top-quality products to make our customers’ lives easier. We’ll continue this pattern as we further our offering in the renewable energy sector, with above-ground cable management solutions being our next expansion area,” said Jarryd.

For more information about solutions for renewable energy tagging, marking and cable management needs, contact the Wiremarkers® Australia team. 

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