Superior Solar Clips

Superior Solar Clips

Renewable and solar energy are continuing to form an important part of energy creation and consumption around the world. Solar farms need to be built to last, which means using high-quality products for all components of the system. As more and more solar farms are built, it is becoming clear which products and components are of a superior standard.

One vital part of the build process of solar farms are the solar clips, which simplify cable management and help ensure everything remains where it should be. While solar clips are small in size, their role in the system is an important one, and when they fail the consequences are inconvenient, labour intensive, and extremely expensive.

For many years, solar clips remained unchanged in the market until the innovators at Wiremarkers developed their 4 wire clip to overcome some of the challenges posed by using traditional clips or cable ties.

Built to Last

One great feature of the Wiremarkers’ design is that once installed it is in place to stay. These clips are difficult to remove and made from grade 304 stainless steel, designed to remain strong for at least 30 years. 

This means there won’t be lost productivity replacing or reinstalling parts on site. Time is also saved as these clips are quick and easy to apply — in tests they were proven to be more than 37 per cent faster to use than traditional cable ties.

The Wiremarkers’ solar clips have a wider base and harder steel than typically seen on solar clips. The increased contact area and stronger material ensure a tighter and more secure hold. This eliminates the frustration so often seen with inferior products that don’t grip well enough, and abruptly pop, fall or snap out of place, leaving vital components exposed to the harsh elements.

Reduce Damage

A failing solar clip can result in unexpected damage to panels, cables or other components of the solar energy production line. However, inferior solar clips routinely cause damage to cables as a matter of course. This situation was unacceptable to the Wiremarkers development team, so in the creation of their 4 wire clip, they included beveled edges to reduce the chance of cable damage.

Both the 4 and 2 wire solar clips sold by Wiremarkers secure firmly to reduce friction and in turn, reduce the chance of damage to cables, panels and other nearby components.

As with all Wiremarkers Australia products, their solar clips are best-in-class and quality tested for use. You can find more information about solar clips here or get in touch with the Wiremarkers Australia team to discuss your needs further.