Supplying Labels for Australia’s F-35 Jets

Supplying Labels for Australia’s F-35 Jets

Wiremarkers® Australia has several labelling and signage products specified for use in military applications. After a successful week at the Avalon International Airshow recently, Wiremarkers® Australia General Manager, Jarryd Crampton, reflects on what it means to support Australian Defence.

There is no doubt that the F-35 is an impressive jet. The jet’s speed and capabilities were on show recently in Victoria at the Avalon International Airshow, and Jarryd and his team had the opportunity to see it in person.

“We believe that all applications of our products are important,” said Jarryd. “That’s why we strive only to supply top-quality items. 

“However, I can’t deny there’s a certain level of pride in knowing our products are used inside a masterpiece of engineering like the F-35. Any small part we can play to keep our defence capabilities strong and our freedoms intact is deeply satisfying,” said Jarryd.

The internal signage and labels in the aircraft are created using printers supplied by Wiremarkers Australia. These same printers are popular in other industries too, including telecommunications, renewable energy and mining. 

One of the most versatile printers Wiremarkers® Australia sells is the MAX Bepop Thermal Transfer Printer. It prints full colour and has a 360-degree blade to cut to any shape and size (up to 100mm high by 2000mm long) from a single vinyl roll. 

The versatility of this printer has made it a popular choice across many industries. The free software and different vinyl available mean it can be used to create SVI labels, warning signs, t-flags, danger labels, ARC flash labels, pipe markers, hose labels, health and safety signs, and so much more. 

The software allows for backwards-compatible printing and lets you print the entire roll in one run. It has built-in wire marking and cable labelling functions to simplify life. It includes thousands of free templates, plus the ability to customise and create your own labels.

Another popular portable printer in defence and other industries is the LM-550A2BH Ferrule, Tube and Heatshrink Printer. This printer can run on standard AA batteries and works with or without a fixed power source. The sturdy carry case and large backlit screen bolster its ability to work anywhere, including dimly lit areas.

It can print on PVC tubes sized between 1.5mm and 8mm, heat shrinkable tubes sized between 2mm and 6.5mm, 5mm, 9mm, or 12mm wide tapes, 4mm ID ferrules or 10mm cable tags. Printing options include both horizontal and vertical text.

Along with these printers and custom wire marking, label making and plate printing, Wiremarkers® Australia stocks a range of products for complete cable management solutions. For more information, get in touch with the Wiremarkers® Australia team.