Wiremarkers® Australia releases sharpest vinyl printer

Wiremarkers® Australia releases sharpest vinyl printer

The MAX Bepop Thermal Transfer Printer has become a staple for those in telecommunications, mining, renewable energy and a range of other industries. This handy desktop printer creates adhesive vinyl in any colour, any shape and it does it quickly and easily.

The MAX Bepop CPM-100H5G prints in full colour at 400 dpi. This is perfect quality for most industries, but sometimes sharper clarity is needed. That’s where the newest member of the Bepop family comes into play. The CPM-100SHG5M 600 dpi printer does everything the current model can do, but it does it with 600 dpi clarity. As a little bonus, it also prints 30 per cent faster than the 400 dpi model.

While Wiremarkers® Australia can print all your signs and labels in-house, General Manager, Jarryd Crampton, said the popularity of desktop specialist printers has grown over recent years.

“We are seeing more and more delays in the supply chain, and as a result, have focused on innovative solutions for our customers to be self-sufficient on-site. This is where our printers are invaluable,” said Jarryd.

What can MAX Bepop Thermal Transfer Printers do?

Both the 400 dpi and 600 dpi Bepop printers are top of the range thermal transfer printers, and the vinyl and ribbon that Wiremarkers® Australia sells for these printers are superior to others on the market. This means that labels and signs created on a Bepop printer will stand the test of time (even in harsh weather), look fantastic and eliminate waiting for delivery of signs and labels.

The high-quality adhesive vinyl created has a UV tolerance of five years for red and yellow labels and up to ten years for all other colours. Additional UV block can extend the label to 15 to 25 years.

The free software that comes with every Bepop printer gives you access to thousands of commonly used templates for signs and labels. The software also automatically calculates the cut size of label flags or T-flags, based on the input outside diameter of the cable. Of course, you can always create your own design to fully customise the sign.

They have fast print speeds (25mm per second for the 400 dpi and 32mm per second for the 600 dpi), and a cut speed of 125mm per second. These printers can create labels and markers in any colour and any shape up to 100mm high by 2000mm long.

Printing QR codes and fine barcodes

For those who require finer print detail on their labels, the new 600 dpi printer is perfect. QR codes have become mainstream over the last two years and, for these to work, every dot and mark must be printed correctly. The clarity provided at 600 dots per inch allows for error-free codes to be created, even at small sizes.

This is particularly useful for those who use a system of barcodes or QR codes as part of their asset management processes.

Which printer is right for me?

The team at Wiremarkers® Australia are always happy to discuss your specific needs and can help assist with what printer is more suited to your industry. If fine details, QR codes or tiny print are needed, the 600 dpi might be your best bet.

If standard cable markers, SVI labels, signs, warning labels and the like are what you’ll be using your printer for, the favourite CPM-1005HG 400 dpi will be more than enough quality.

You can always request samples from the Wiremarkers® Australia team to compare the quality if you’re not sure. Contact the team to chat more about the MAX Bepop printers.