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Christmas Promo 1-21 December 2023

Check out our deals and make some real savings before the sale ends on 21 December 2023.

Promotion runs 01/12/2023 - 21/12/23.
Only while stocks last. Terms & Conditions apply.

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Black Friday Promotion

Check out our deals on Max Bepop printers and consumables.

Promotion runs 22/11/23 - 5pm 27/11/23.
Only while stocks last. Terms & Conditions apply.

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Spring 2023 Promotion

Spring into Savings with Wiremarkers!
Check the deals on MAX Bepop 400 Printer and Consumable. Specials on Ferrule Marker Printer and Ferrule plastic and stainless steel. And we've got some brilliant offers on cable fasteners and tools.

Promotion runs 01/09/23-30/11/23.
Only while stocks last - terms and conditions apply.

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Revolutionizing Cable Tag Fastening

Discover Our Groundbreaking Innovation in Cost and Time Efficiency

Welcome to the future of cable tagging. Wiremarkers Australia is once again pioneering the way, showcasing our unique, in-house designed stainless steel tag SmartClips™. These aren't just any clips - they're purpose-built, increasing efficiency and dramatically cutting mounting costs by up to 90%, including labour expenses.

Discover how our innovative clips solve common problems in the industry - no more OHS issues with sharp cable tie edges, no more picking up remnants from the ground, and enjoy the benefit of lower fastening product costs.

Designed to cater to the most common sizes on solar sites, our product range covers cables with OD of 6mm, 10mm, and 16mm, with an added versatility of a single clip that accommodates both 6 and 10mm cable OD.

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Our clips solve these problems