Printing Services

A bureau service that does all your marking requirements

  • Laser engraving of stainless steel tags, ABS laminates and labels, using fibre and Co2 lasers
  • Stock of stainless tags and labels that provides the widest selection available in Australia
  • Printing of all your cable and wire markers on highly specified plastic, in white or yellow!
  • Place the markers/ferrules in a sleeve, depending on the wire or cable OD!
  • Print a host of different types of terminal block markers!
  • Laser print a huge variety of tag in most colours you will need, in Engraved Plate "Traffolyte" /our branded Smartlaze
  • Simply send us your list in Excel by email, we do the rest! Or just download our Excel master file and choose what product you need, and fill in what we must print.
  • We can even print all your hazard signs on our MAX BEPOP printer, using the vinyl quality you choose. And colour of your choice.

Our bureau service products